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Kings Liquor – Proudly Kiwi Made

For over 30 years we have been producing drinks for the liquor industry. Fully New Zealand owned and operated, we export to countries around the globe.

Check out our large range of drinks available to purchase online today. We have great shipping deals too.


This Month's Specials


Combo Deals

Kings Rum Triple Tipple

$118.99 $105.00 inc GST


Drossarc Brandy

$20.99$39.99 inc GST

our latest products

Combo Deals

Cashmere Creme Combo

$49.99 inc GST

Combo Deals

14% Spirit Combo

$35.97 inc GST

Combo Deals

Pono Vodka Combo

$56.98 inc GST

Combo Deals

Kensington Gin combo

$46.98 inc GST

Combo Deals

Old Captain Navy Rum combo

$47.98 inc GST

Combo Deals

Haighs Green Ginger Wine and Haighs Mulled Wine combo

$34.98 inc GST

Combo Deals

Solace Cranberry & Raspberry and Solace London Dry Gin Duo

$139.00 inc GST

Combo Deals

Empire Gin & Vodka Combo

$70.00 inc GST


Cashmere Crème

$25.99 inc GST


Solace Cranberry and Raspberry Gin

$69.99 inc GST


Solace London Dry Gin

$69.99 inc GST

Combo Deals

Kings Sex and Sours Selection

$51.95 inc GST

this month's best sellers


Kings Liqueur Range

$11.99$49.99 inc GST

Wine & Port

Purple Death

$23.99 inc GST

Wine & Port

Founders Blackberry Nip

$15.99 inc GST


Pono Vodka

$18.99$37.99 inc GST

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